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Valencia and Tales of the City Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Valencia and Tales of the City - Essay Example Valencia and Tales of the City Lassister and say that I won’t be in on Monday† (Goupil and Josh 122), she tells her mother, indicating the impulsive nature of her decision. In Valencia, Michelle Tea is also impulsive, and self indulgent, especially with her job choices and quits many of her jobs then hops onto other jobs. She moves in confusion from one job to another. She falls in love with a succession of girls, going onto the next one as soon as she left the earlier girlfriend. At one point, she even turns to prostitution just for the fun of it. She attends gay marches and parties with regular abandon, usually at the slightest encouragement. Michelle also cannot keep a job and quits jobs at a moment’s notice. Both Mary-Ann Singleton and Michelle Tea have eccentric friends. Mary Ann has an eccentric collection of friends. Mona who describes herself as a fag hag helps her get a job. Mona’s best pal is a gay man called Mouse, who also becomes her friend and is in constant search for love in gay bars. Another of her acquaintances is her landlady Mrs. Madrigal whose past is as mysterious as her eccentric behavior and marijuana growing obsession. Her boss is Edgar Halcyon, whose miserable daughter is married to an adulterous man, Beauchamp. Beauchamp has an affair with Mrs. Madrigal. Norman, a vitamin hawking nerd, takes care of his pal’s young daughter and Mary befriends him, as he seems more left field than she is. Michelle Tea has similar eccentric friends. Petra is a revelation to Tea’s thrilling side as she is a knife brandishing bossy girl, who is a lesbian. Willa is depressive and refuses to strip her clothes of even when they are caught in the moment’s passion. Iris, on the other hand, is described is a scrumptious girl from Georgia who Michelle falls head over heels for before realizing that she is not what she had first deciphered of her. Michelle Tea and Mary-Ann Singleton both have dramatic relationships with girlfriends and family. Te a was in love with Iris, and all was going well for them. When she meets Willa, she tries to sleep with her despite the fact that she loves Iris and that she knew Willa deeply loved Ashley. When Laurel came in to the picture with claiming that she loved Iris, this made the main character confused with the situation. The main character had to get drunk to muster the necessary courage to tell Iris that they had to break up since Laurel was a friend to the main character; the main character is sacrificing her love for Iris for her friendship with Laurel. However, this does not go according to plan since the main character is moved by the love that Iris has for her, she cried her heart out to the main character telling her that she liked her and wanted to continue going out with her. â€Å"Laurel is in love with you. She’s my friend. What? Iris looked seriously confused. She had just started smoking again and pulled an American spirit from a mangled blue pack. But I don’t want not to go out with you, she said. I like you so much. Maybe she was crying now too, I like you more than anything.† When Laurel heard of this, she gave the main character a big shrug that signified her disgust at her. Laurel had a stable and responsible job working for a software company that was located in Berkeley while the main character was a poet (Goupil and Josh 124). Mary Ann Singleton’s relationships are no less dramatic. However, unlike Michele, she does not engage in errant sexual relationships with her acquaintances. She instead tries to get to know them better and

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Yellow Fever Epidemic Essay Example for Free

Yellow Fever Epidemic Essay When Mattie Cook survived the Yellow Fever Epidemic that swept through Philadelphia in 1793, her whole life was changed. Both her character the circumstances of her life changed a lot. Also, her relationships and responsibilities have changed too. Before the epidemic, Mattie was just an average teenager with the same problems most teens had. But after the epidemic, Mattie’s life became very different. Before the yellow fever, Mattie lived with her Mother and her Grandfather. After the fever ended, Mattie lived with her mother, Nell, Eliza, Joseph, Robert, and William. Also, before mother got sick with yellow fever, she ran the coffeehouse, took care of Mattie, and woke up early to take care of chores. But after the epidemic, Mattie ran the coffeehouse in a partnership with Eliza, has too help take care of the children, and is the one who now gets up to take care of chores. She now has to take on a lot more responsibilities than before the epidemic. Mattie’s relationships also have changed. She now admits to herself now that she likes Nathaniel Benson. After the epidemic she and Nathaniel have both matured have a more easy and confident relationship. She now views Eliza, Joseph, Nell, Robert, and William like family and feels responsible for them. During the fever, Mattie’s character also changed a lot. She is now more grateful for all that she has and realizes how lucky she was to have survived. She has also matured, become more conservative and knows how to look after herself. Although Mattie is still grieving for Grandfather, Polly, and all of the other victims of the yellow fever, she is very grateful that her mother is safe and well. She is also grateful that Nell, Eliza, Robert, William, Joseph, and Nathaniel Benson have survived.

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Comparison of Stereotypes and Stereotyping in A Dolls House and The Breakfast Club :: Movie Film comparison compare contrast

Stereotyping in A Doll's House and The Breakfast Club      Ã‚   When you see someone with expensive jewelry, driving a Lexus with tinted windows, rap music blaring from a mega stereo system, do you assume that he is a punk or drug dealer? This is an example of stereotyping. How are stereotypes assigned? Often they are created by society and are based on gender, race, religion, age, or social standing. Henrick Ibsen focused on the theme of stereotyping in his play A Doll's House.    In A Doll's House, Nora is seen as more an object than a person. When the play was written, women in general were viewed as wives and mothers, not individuals. Nora skillfully plays the part of obedient wife as Torvald questions her about what she did in town, assuring him that she "would never dream of doing anything [he] didn't want [her] to (Ibsen 933)." In "The Breakfast Club," the characters' peers designate stereotypes as a result of a combination of social status and behavior. Brian is "the brain" because he is an A student, Bender is "the criminal" on account of his rebellious behavior, and so forth. In his essay to Mr. Vernon, Brian addresses the stereotypes that have been placed on him and his peers:    "...we think you're crazy to make us write this essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions. You see us as a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal. Correct? That's the way we saw each other at seven o'clock this morning. We were brainwashed" (Hughes).    In agreement with the opening quote from the movie, these characters "are quite aware of what they're going through" (Hughes).    Stereotypes are superficial, however, and when they are peeled off they often reveal something completely unexpected. When Torvald receives the letter from Mr. Krogstad and learns of Nora's secret, he begins to see her as "a hypocrite, a liar...a criminal" (Ibsen 974). When the conflict is resolved and it becomes clear that no one will suffer because of her forgery, Torvald returns Nora's stereotype of vulnerable woman, telling her he "wouldn't be a proper man if [he] didn't find a woman doubly attractive for being so obviously helpless" (Ibsen 975). In "The Breakfast Club," the teenagers have been aware of their stereotypes for quite some time.

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Sophocles shows a dramatic play

Recalling what had happened to Oedipus about finding out the he killed his own father and that he married his own mother and had children with her, Oedipus finally realized that the prophecy is true. Before, he ruled the city of Thebes, and because he wants to escape from the dirty life that he had been through, he poked out his eyes and went away. The question now is who deserves to get his protection, what city will be fortunate and will the prophecy prevail?Sophocles, shows a dramatic play for a tragic death of a hero and his mystical importance to the city of Athens. During the play, Oedipus who was now blind and frail had transformed to a beggar after he exiled himself from the city of Thebes. He was only with his daughter, Antigone, who guides his way. While they stand on the holy ground, Oedipus remembered the prophecy of Apollo that he will come to rest on that ground.By that time, Eteocles, the younger son of Oedipus, had overthrown Polynices to rule the city of Thebes. As a little description of Polynices, he was the older son of Oedipus and the twin brother of Eteocles who want to reconcile with his father for a selfish reason.He compared himself with his father which he considered as an outcast. Polynices attacked his brother in troops who is now under the rule of Creon, the brother –in- law of Oedipus. There is a prophecy which was known by Creon and Oedispus’ sons, that the place where Oedipus body will be buried will bring fortune to the city.Since they already knew about what’s going to happen, Polynices as well as Creon decided to go to Oedipus and take him back with the same reason of getting him in their custody and bury his body in their kingdom. However, Oedipus swears that he won’t give his two sons any support because they had done nothing to   he will never give his support to either of his sons, for they did nothing to prevent his exile years ago.By that time, Oedipus also called King Theseus and he arrived he pitied Oedipus because of the fate that has happened to him. Oedipus asked Theseus to keep him in Athens until the day he dies and at the same time he warned him by doing this favor. Without any hesitations and not thinking twice, Theseus accepted the favor and Oedipus promised him that the city will receive great blessings once his body will be buried in Colonus.Creon wants to seize Oedipus but because he knew that he can’t do that, he kidnapped Antigone and Ismene. Theseus promised that he will get oedipis’ daughters back.   Creon threatened to start war and used the two daughters as hostage, but then the king of Athenian drived Creon off, and soon freed Antigone and Ismene.Soon after Creon left, Polynices appeared, and he asked for his father’s favor to be in his custody. Since Oedipus gained his trust to Theseus he asked him to drive Polynices away, but Polynices wanted to explain his side that he did not condone his exile and the reason why the men of Thebes turned against him was because of his brother Eteocles.The worst thing that happened to Polynices aside from not winning his father back was the curse that his father gave him (Lines 269-576). Polynices asked his sisters support to give him a good burial after he dies as what the curse of father uttered.Suddenly, Oedipus hears a terrible thunder and declares that the time of his death has come.   Oedipus prepared for his death as he led Theseus, Ismene, and Antigone into a hidden part of the grave where he would lay to rest. The on witness to the death of Oedipus was Theseus and before he died, Theseus carried certain rites on the body of Oedipus so he received a divine protection to Athenes.Oedipus told Theseus that he must not reveal the spot where his body was placed and in order for the city to be safe for the next generation to come, he must pass it to his son when he dies and pass it to his son at his own death. When Oedipus finally died, Theseus took his daughter to their fathers’ grave.In giving my own view about who should really have the chance to be given the protection for either of the two cities, I would say that it should really be Athens. It is because as I am looking in Oedipus perspective; he has the will to choose to whom he will give his protection.There are several reasons why his decision was the right thing to do: First, when the time that he has planned to exile himself from the city of Thebes, his sons especially Polynices who is the eldest, did not even show any ability to stop his father from exiling himself and wander outside the city of Thebes. Greediness has been seen in the character of Polynices as well as with Creon and Eteocles.Polynices had the chance of getting the protection of his father’s corpse however, because of his self-serving reason, he disregarded his fate. He made a vision of invading Thebes and because his father knew his plans, he unfortunately cursed his son, which had caused his death. The other reason was that during that time, Oedipus already believed in the prediction of the oracles since his identity has been revealed and the prophecy had come to pass. He remembered that his prophecy was to die in the near the city gate located in Athenes is located.The third reason why his body stay in Athens is because, he should leave his bad memories in Thebes, where his prophecy had all started, which all draws back from his father’s oracle, Laius was murdered, Thebes was plagued by Sphinx, Oedipus became the king but then he turned to be the queen’s own son, famine came, Oedipus become blinded and soon exiled and finally her wife hangs herself;.Several memories which led to his suffering came ultimately from Thebes. And finally, the king of Athenes, Theseus, had shown his humbleness and kindness to Oedipus who asked for his help and gratefully accepted the favor of keeping him inside the city until he dies, although Oedipus warned him about a possible venge ance of the other city.

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Catcher Rye And Perfect Day For Bananafish - 1562 Words

The Catcher in The Rye and Perfect Day For Bananafish In â€Å"The Catcher in the Rye†,by J.D Salinger, Holden Caulfield, a troubled 16 year old boy who constantly gets kicked out of every school takes it upon himself to become â€Å"The Catcher in the Rye†, in reality not being real occupation but an idea he chose to adopt for himself after he heard a little boy singing in the street. The catcher in the Rye can be described in Holden’s perspective as a person, almost like a hero that helps children in the attempt to keep their innocence. â€Å" Thousands of little kids, and nobody’s around- nobody big, I mean-except me .And i’m standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do , I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the†¦show more content†¦Fantasising a lot about sex is one of Holden’s hobbies which is why he thinks he’s a sex maniac, but what he seeks for is a type of authentic love that cannot be ac accomplished by sleeping with random girls he feels nothing for which is why he never got around to losing his innocence.â€Å"If you want to know the truth,I’m a virgin.I really am.I’ve had quite a few opportunities to lose my virginity and all, but i’ve never gotten around to it yet,something always happens†...â€Å"If you want to know the truth,I’m a virgin.I really am.I’ve had quite a few opportunities to lose my virginity and all, but i’ve never gotten around to it yet.something always happens†(J.D Salinger, p.92) . Also another part of why Holden may be holding back on his chances is the death of his brother Allie which leaves an empty space that Holden seeks love to complete which ties back to not wanting to do it with anyone he doesn’t completely love. Immediately after hearing a little boy sing â€Å"If a body catch a body coming through the rye†(J.D Salinger,ch.16) Holden wants to become the catcher in the rye because his weakness seem to be children in a non pedophilic way in that he wants to protect them from what he has already been corrupted with . Phoebe, also being Holden’s little sister can also be a reason why he becomesShow MoreRelatedDeath Of A Salesman Analysis1351 Words   |  6 Pagesexpectations and start focusing on himself. Biff is finally able to break free of the mental burden of trying to fit Willy’s definition of success, resolving his internal conflict. In addition to Biff, Holden in The Catcher in the Rye and Seymour Glass in A Perfect Day For Bananafish, also express their own crises of meaning and the different ways in which they resolve them. Biff’s crisis of meaning, in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, stems from the idea of success that his father, Willy, hadRead MoreThe Story of J.D. Salinger2489 Words   |  10 PagesThe Story of J. D. Salinger J. D. Salinger became one of the most popular and known American authors in America today. Up to this day students from all over the country have read and purchased the novel â€Å"The Catcher in the Rye† which was a novel that was not so long ago controversial due to vulgar language, sexual references, and unacceptable behavior; parents were concerned that J. D. Salinger’s novel was going to influence their children. Salinger was one of many authors that stood out moreRead MoreSummary Of The Great Gatsby By F. Salinger904 Words   |  4 PagesWorld War II, was born on January 1, 1919 in New York City. Little is known about his early life except for his education. He attended schools on the upper west side of Manhattan, which would later be the setting of his most famous novel, The Catcher in the Rye. After flunking out of several prep schools, including McBurney’s, his parents sent him to Valley Forge Military Academy. At Valley Forge he maintained average grades and was involved in several clubs and organizations, many of which had toRead More Jd Salinger Essay772 Words   |  4 Pageswere drawn from his war experiences. During the late 1940s he published work in Mademoiselle, Cosmopolitan, and The New Yorker. At the age of 31, Salinger gained a major place in American fiction with the publication of his only novel, The Catcher in the Rye. The book quickly earned a reputation as a quintessential American coming-of-age tale. In the early 1960s, Salinger virtually stopped writing for publication and disappeared from public view into his rural New Hampshire home. In an interviewRead MoreJ.b. Salinger s A Perfect Day For Bananafish 1714 Words   |  7 PagesThe next year he trained in England, joined the American Army’s Fourth Division, and landed at Utah Beach on D-Day. He then served in five European campaigns as Security Agent for the Twelfth Infantry Regiment. After the war he started his writing career back up for the New Yorker. Some of his most popular stories include his first story for The New Yorker, A Perfect Day for Bananafish which is about the suicide of a veteran and For Esmà © With Love and Squalor which describes a U.S. soldier sRead MoreJD Salinger Research Paper167 1 Words   |  7 Pages Jerome David Salinger, also known as J. D. Salinger, is a fascinating author best known for his novel, Catcher in the Rye. Although Salinger only published one novel, he wrote several short stories for magazines like The New Yorker and Story. A large number of these stories went on to be compiled into books such as Nine Stories, Franny and Zooey, and Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour: An Introduction. Despite the fact Salinger has not published any stories in over 45 years, his reputationRead MoreThe Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger507 Words   |  2 Pagesin many of his books have an innocence that Salinger grasps onto and makes adults corrupt. Also, he shows how children are teachers to adults but can still be foolish. Purity in children are expressed throughout many stories by Salinger. In Catcher In the Rye, Holden repeatedly expressed â€Å"Did you ask her if she still keeps all her kings in back row?†(42). He kept the idea of purity with jane(the girl he asked about) and only saw her as still a child and not as a teenage girl already having sex. TheRead More The Writings of J.D. Salinger Essay1513 Words   |  7 PagesUniversity where he decided to become a writer. Salinger published short story collections and one novel. His best known work, The Catcher in the Rye, was published in 1951. The short stories he wrote were Nine Stories in 1953, Franny and Zooey in 1961, Raise High the Roofbeams, Carpenters and Seymour: An Introduction in 1963, Young Folk in 1940 and A Perfect Day for Bananafish in 1948. Many critics have considered J.D. Salinger a very controversial writer because of the subject matters he wroteRead More Mysterious ways of J.D. Salinger Essay1582 Words   |  7 Pagesin 1 945 (French xiii ). His first book was then published six years later in 1951 (French xiv). nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;I think that the most important and interesting factors of Salinger life happened after 1951 with the publishing of Catcher in the Rye. It wasn’t until this point in the writers life that he really started to feel the all the criticism rush in. This is what I feel, along with all the deception that started to come in convinced him to move to Cornish, New Hampshire only twoRead MoreSummary Of Salinger s The Doctrine Of Love 1994 Words   |  8 PagesShort Story Analysis Paper The majority of his works, J.D. Salinger has implemented many replicated themes. Love is possibly the most prevalent throughout all of his writings and is displayed in such works as â€Å"A Perfect Day for Bananafish,† â€Å"The Laughing Man,† â€Å"For Esme—With Love and Squalor,† â€Å"Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes,† â€Å"Teddy,† and â€Å"Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut.† Salinger uses the element of Love to bring about more meaning in the stories and depth to the each of their plots, and does so

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Texas State Laws on Flag Burning, Desecration

In Texas, it is a misdemeanor if someone intentionally or knowingly damages, defaces, mutilates, or burns the flag of the United States or the State of Texas. A flag includes any emblem, banner, or other standard or a copy of an emblem, standard, or banner that is an official or commonly recognized depiction of the flag of the United States or of this state and is capable of being flown from a staff of any character or size but does not include a representation of a flag on a written or printed document. Source: 42.11 Analysis of the Law Texas was the source of the infamous Texas v. Johnson Supreme Court decision which upheld peoples right to burn American flags. At the time, the law made it a misdemeanor for someone to knowingly desecrate a state or national flag, where desecrate was defined as deface, damage, or otherwise physically mistreat in a way that the actor knows will seriously offend one or more persons likely to observe or discover his action. There isnt much difference between the law that was held unconstitutional in 1989 and the law which currently sits on the books in Texas. Now, as then, the crime is located not so much in the act as it is in causing negative reactions in others. You arent guilty of flag desecration in Texas if you burn a a flag and no one is offended; you only become a criminal when others take offense.

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How Fracking Ignited The American Energy Revolution And...

How Fracking Ignited the American Energy Revolution and Changed the World Russell Gold, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, wrote a book entitled, The Boom: How Fracking Ignited the American Energy Revolution and Changed the World. In his book he begins by telling a personal story of how he has been affected by the â€Å"energy revolution. His parents, along with their friends, owned about 102 acres of land in Pennsylvania that was thought to have oil beneath it. The story begins when his parents were offered money by an oil company in order to get the rights to drill for oil on the property owned by them and their friends. His parents debate over it for a while, even asking his opinion on the matter, but would eventually come to the†¦show more content†¦This trend later became known as fracking, a new revolution sweeping the country (Gold, 2014). The American energy revolution, otherwise known as The Shale Gas Revolution, is described as being the big change in the ways in which we get our oil. In other words, it is a way of making the longevity of the oil we use as energy last just a little bit longer. The conventional oil we extract from the ground is rapidly running out, fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is another way to get more oil out of the ground from less. Much of the oil we have left on Earth is trapped in shale rocks beneath the surface, not easily retrieved. These rocks are impermeable making it difficult to get to the oil enclosed inside. By the use of fracking, which opens up these rocks in order to let the natural gas and crude oil inside flow out, we increase the time in which we have oil left in the Earth, to use this valuable fossil fuel. According to Gold, in 2008 it was a small energy firm located in Canada that was first to administer a report entitled The Shale Gas Revolution, which took to its support ers and is now used commonly. Gold believes in the revolution because he recognizes that the old ways of extracting the oil are crumbling, coal is no longer the major source of energy for making electricity, and a big change is occurring (Gold, 2014). As a result of this energy revolution, it has been said that fracking